Just announced: Evil Eye Club #4 at Butcher’s Tears

Dignan Porch 2

Evil Eye Club strikes again! After a short spring break we will be back on May 9th with some special guests from across the canal: Dignan Porch(UK). These indie-grunge-rockers will bring us a full show at our favorite spot Butcher’s Tears.

Live: Dignan Porch (UK)
Location: Butcher’s Tears
Doors open: 21:00
Entrance: 5,00 (more info soon)
> ‘Attending’ = priority for a ticket!
> Only 70 tickets available
> Questions? evileyeclubamsterdam@gmail.com

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Dignan Porch

Dignan Porch, which started life as a one-man bedroom project for band leader Joseph Walsh, has now blossomed in to a ramshackle group of perpetually laid-back sounding humans creating music that straddles the lines between psychedelia, folk, indie pop and grunge.

When the Porch kick out the jams they give the impression that they’re careering along with only a couple of wheels still on the road, just about in control, but always on the verge of tipping over.

There is a sadness that lurks beneath many of these rough-around-the-edges pop songs, a blurry-eyed realisation of the boredom of everyday life that seems to creep in to the very fabric of Dignan Porch’s sound. The ash tray is full, the can is empty.

The majority of Observatory was written and recorded at home during 2013 when Joe was living in a flat above a used-carpet shop in South London. It was cold and noisy but the rent was low, there were no neighbours to disturb and his room was huge. The perfect setting. The best of times / the worst of times. The band spent evenings and weekends getting their parts down and piecing the songs

Sounds: http://dignanporch.bandcamp.com/track/deep-deep-problem


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